Rising On Up!




There is a lot to celebrate this month in the RISE Learning Center!


RISE students are setting goals, studying hard and reaping the rewards as they pass their GED tests. In the past two weeks two students have each passed a test. Way to go!


5 students have recently passed all the tests to get their GED. This is no small feat, it requires a lot of dedication and perseverance to put in the time studying with tutors and on their own to pass these tests. PSKS students have gone on to find jobs and pursue secondary education. They are unstoppable!


On November 30th we’ll be acknowledging the progress and accomplishments of our RISE students with a party at PSKS! Like us on Facebook to see highlights from the party.


Want to help?
You can support students’ success anytime by donating supplies to RISE.
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Thank You!

breakfast-thank-you-1Thank you to so many of you who attended the first annual PSKS Benefit Breakfast.


You raised $95,000 in support of homeless youth!breakfast

Your generosity doesn’t just provide participants with a warm, dry place to sleep at night, it enables them to advocate for themselves and their community and gain the education and job readiness skills they need to build a positive and productive future.


Thanks again to everyone who attended and gave generously, it takes all of us to build this community of support.


If you missed us at the breakfast, please check out this wonderful video created for PSKS by Legacy Productions.

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The Players’ Tribune and Megan Rapinoe Visit PSKS

Seattle Reign FC’s Megan Rapinoe partnered with The Players’ Tribune and PSKS participants to raise awareness about LGBTQ and homeless youth. Check out their video below!
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Double Your Money, Double Your Fun!

PSKS Breakfast Invitation-page-001PSKS announces a matching fund for our September 29th Breakfast Fundraiser!  

Any donation of $300 or more will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $17,000!

Thank you to:

  • Anonymous
  • Julie and Dan Little
  • Nancy Skinner Nordhoff
  • Vulcan Real Estate
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Meet the Interns: Andrew!

Published on August 25, 2016 by in Uncategorized

IMG_1665 (1)Andrew will be the first to tell you that the nickname “Puke” has been around for a long time and is certainly well deserved. But Andrew is ready to leave that nickname and his past behind.

Andrew has been experiencing homelessness off and on since 2003. For a long time he hitchhiked around the country, becoming very integrated into street life in drop-in centers.

He has never held an official job before. In fact, Andrew came to PSKS because he wasn’t comfortable having a job anywhere else.

For the past three months Andrew has been working in the HYPE Community Center, where he learned that whatever he puts his mind to, he can do well. He enjoys not being on the receiving side of services for a change and has seen a noticeable increase in his self-value and confidence.

Andrew is now looking for his first regular job and wants to find a place that he’s used to, where he can be with his kind of people. He’ll be applying for an on-call position with the PSKS Overnight Shelter and wants to work at the Value Village in his neighborhood.

Andrew recently gained housing through Section 8. In the week he’s been there his favorite aspect has been his balcony, where he can spend time outside. He’s getting used to being stably housed again and is enjoying reading (he loves long book series and is currently reading Dune) and watching Netflix (with their long list of B movies and his personal favorite, Starship Troopers).

For PSKS, Andrew has been a constant and steady force in the HYPE Community Center. He has specialized in making all of our participants feel welcome and is constantly greeting everyone who walks through the door. And while his internship may be ending, we know that Andrew will be a positive presence at PSKS in the years to come.

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