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Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS). We Provide support and services to Seattle area homeless youth and young adults. Our committed efforts are targeted at providing stepping stones to transition youths from the streets to self-sufficiency and productive roles in community.Find out how you can support our community by either volunteering, donating or by increasing awareness of these important issues.

Many of our clients are squatters, have animal companions and/or children, suffering from addiction or have other circumstances that make it tough to find indoor shelter. Most of our youth don’t follow the linear flow of shelter to transitional housing to secure housing. Often they are living under bridges, in cars or tents in the woods until they can secure their own housing. Our approach to basic needs is one of harm reduction–making human safety, health and security a priority whether they are living in an abandoned building or still struggling with substance abuse.

Mission Statement

We exist to support homeless and at-risk youth and young adults to become empowered to lead positive and self-sufficient lives. Our philosophy and practice of inclusion has allowed us to develop low access barriers to engage young people who are at risk of falling through gaps in community services.

Thanks From PSKS For All Of Your Support In 2015

Meet some of the PSKS youth and young adults by viewing “Endurance“, produced by Conjunction Arts. Endurance is video capture of the theoretical invisibility of Seattle’s homeless youth voiced over with the real stories of why and how they ended up where they are.


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