Standing with Orlando

Published on June 12, 2016 by in News

Pride flag at half mast

The participants, staff, and board at PSKS are shocked and saddened by the attack in an Orlando nightclub early this morning.  We stand in unity with our LGBTQ friends, family, and the broader community as we mourn this horrific act.  As Seattle celebrates Pride this month we renew our belief that love and unity will overcome hate and fear.

A vigil is planned at Cal Anderson Park at 8PM tonight.  Please join the community by coming together in response to this tragedy.

To read more about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest speaking up with support for Orlando, check out these developing articles from KIRO 7 and KING 5.

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Meet the Interns: Mari!

Published on May 31, 2016 by in Uncategorized

“Hi my name is Mari (or Märi). I am one of the new interns at QYCO at PSKS. I am glad to become involved with any organization that helps and promotes peace to queer youth, especially queer youth who are on the streets. So far, I really like my internship. I’ve met a lot of good, kind, and supportive people. I love how this opportunity has helped bring regularity to my schedule. It feels really good to finally be working on something, especially something so important. Queer youth spaces are entirely beneficial to any community and we need there to be more of them and more people becoming involved in organizing and doing outreach for them.”

Mari doesn’t have dreams or aspiration. And she likes it that way. She believes that when you remove those words from your long-term plans, the things that can and will happen become (1)

Mari is thinking in the now. She’s focused on being a leader in her community, knowing that the 50% of PSKS participants that identify as LGBTQ need specific resources in a queer oriented space.

More importantly, Mari wants to see the queer people in her community feel safe, accepted and to know they have a place to look to where people are going to look out for them.

Mari is one of our Queer Youth Community Organizing (QYCO) interns as part of our LEAP employment program. She found out about QYCO while staying in the PSKS shelter.

She applied, knowing she could use her experience as a leader in the community and familiarity of the sensitivities facing the queer community. The internship is only 2 weeks old and, whether it’s planned or not, Mari is already looking at how to make an impact in their community with their culminating project.

But whether focused on the short-term or the long-term, Mari succinctly states that her only goal is to go about themselves graciously.

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Thank You St Joseph’s!

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In April a group of volunteers from St. Joseph’s church came to PSKS to garden, sort donations, paint and more. There are tons of ways to volunteer at PSKS including:

  • Serving meals
  • Tutoring students
  • Teaching computer classes
  • Helping with resume and cover letter production
  • Cleaning
  • Helping out with an event
  • Going with the outreach team
  • And more!

We know we can find a way for you to volunteer at PSKS. To inquire about upcoming opportunities, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Joe Lambright at

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PSKS Chess Club

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Our amazing chess instructor Brian has the PSKS Chess Club running strong. Now, with the support of Who’s Giving, Phoenix Games, Raygun Lounge and Card Kingdom, we have 50 new games for our participants to play…though chess is still the favorite.

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GiveBIG for PSKS on May 3rd!

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GiveBIG for PSKS on Tuesday, May 3rd!

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG is only a week away! This year, any donation made to PSKS through the Seattle Foundation’s website will be matched by a $1 million stretch pool. Also, PSKS is excited to announce a $15,000 match for any gift made to PSKS throughout the day, meaning your gift will be more than doubled!

This year, you can make your gift right now, instead of waiting until the 3rd. Click here to make your donation to PSKS!

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