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Education is the Foundation for Success

RISE (Re-Inventing Steps to Education) has been providing educational services for young people whose needs have not been met by mainstream school systems for nearly two decades.  RISE is a GED program for students who are eager to learn, but who face challenges and barriers that make it difficult...Read More »

Volunteer Brings Compassion and Cookies to PSKS

“…remember that everyone is fighting a hard battle.  Help out as best you can because it’ll make you feel better about yourself and PSKS.  Listen hard – you might find out new things about yourself and others just like I have.” – Jane Lamb

What makes PSKS so different from other...Read More »

From the Streets to the Campus—Care Package Needed!

Transitioning from home to college is difficult.  Imagine transitioning from the streets to campus dorm life!  Susan Fox, PSKS Executive Director, recently checked in on one of our RISE GED graduates to see how he was enjoying college life.  In short, he could use some help.

School starts next week!...Read More »

Welcome Zachary Shields--Supporting Housing Stability

Zachary Shields was recently hired to serv as a resource for housing sustainability. After interning with PSKS as a social work intern for nine months Zachary is a natural to coordinate the Step Beyond program. Step Beyond is a peer-to-peer program geared towards formerly homeless youth and...Read More »

Welcome to Emily Carraux, Employment Program Coordinator!

Emily Carraux has recently joined the PSKS community as a resource for employment and job readiness skills. With a passion for environmental justice, she has most recently worked with at risk youth in environmental education, but she is excited and ready to expand those experiences and empower young people at...Read More »

Queer Youth Outreach continues in 2014!

Our Queer Youth Outreach Program was launched in January 2013 with funding from PRIDE Foundation. We’re so excited to continue to grow and develop this initiative with continuing support from Pride Foundation and Beyond the Bridge!

Queer Youth Outreach Interns are a distinct track within the PSKS employment program Lasting...Read More »

Winter Supplies


PSKS participant and volunteer Daimey puts her exceptional organizing skills to work in our newly re-opened basic need supply closet–clothing and survival supplies for those who need them. We’re always taking donations of clothing and supplies for humans and animal companions! Especially needed are wool and synthetic socks,...Read More »

Please Support Our Work



My name is Brittany and I represent participants on the PSKS Board of Directors. I am a full voting member of the Board and the liaison with our CORE membership.

“Because PSKS derives its legislation from those whom it directly seeks to uplift,
it owns a huge potential towards...Read More »

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