Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets

NOW HIRING -- RISE Learning Center Coordinator

Re-Inventing Steps to Education (RISE) Learning Center Coordinator

Summary of RISE Program: Each year, the RISE Learning Center at PSKS provides educational encouragement and support to more than 50 homeless and at-risk youth and young adults.  Those who seek services from RISE have had disrupted educations and have not been well served by...Read More »

Expanding Queerly

As a new queer outreach intern coming into a new space trying to fill in gaps to successfully outreach and provide for our peers is a daunting task. Being the small non-profit we are we don’t always have enough resources to provide in the way we want.

We are going to...Read More »

MAY 6 YOU Can Change Lives Today!!

By Giving BIG to PSKS today you’ll help unleash the gifts and talents of hundreds of homeless youth working to secure a stable home.

PSKS is the only homeless youth agency in Seattle that respects and includes youth on our board of directors and supports their leadership within our...Read More »

Closing Cross-Generational Gaps


Hello! My name is Holly, and I am a Queer Youth Outreach intern with PSKS.  As a queer youth who experienced houseless-ness, I am not alone: 45% of participants at Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets identify as LGBTQ (research shows rates of 20-40% nationally). This statistic...Read More »

Education is the Foundation for Success

RISE (Re-Inventing Steps to Education) has been providing educational services for young people whose needs have not been met by mainstream school systems for nearly two decades.  RISE is a GED program for students who are eager to learn, but who face challenges and barriers that make it difficult...Read More »

Volunteer Brings Compassion and Cookies to PSKS

“…remember that everyone is fighting a hard battle.  Help out as best you can because it’ll make you feel better about yourself and PSKS.  Listen hard – you might find out new things about yourself and others just like I have.” – Jane Lamb

What makes PSKS so different from other...Read More »

From the Streets to the Campus—Care Package Needed!

Transitioning from home to college is difficult.  Imagine transitioning from the streets to campus dorm life!  Susan Fox, PSKS Executive Director, recently checked in on one of our RISE GED graduates to see how he was enjoying college life.  In short, he could use some help.

School starts next week!...Read More »

Welcome Zachary Shields--Supporting Housing Stability

Zachary Shields was recently hired to serv as a resource for housing sustainability. After interning with PSKS as a social work intern for nine months Zachary is a natural to coordinate the Step Beyond program. Step Beyond is a peer-to-peer program geared towards formerly homeless youth and...Read More »

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